LJ Reyes Gives In to FHM Philippines December 2009

    Here's an early Christmas treat for all of us. Starstruck veteran LJ Reyes on the cover of FHM December 2009. Can't wait to get hold of this one and share them to PCOnliners.

    I wonder when will the LJ Reyes Autograph Signing take place. We can't let the opportunity pass without getting physically close to this sexy vixen.

    LJ Reyes on FHM December 2009

Team Jinky vs Team Krista

    Team Jinky vs. Team Krista - WifePower, hehe. Saw this fanpage on facebook, thought it'd be nice to share. In the facebook fanpage lies this question. If you're Jinky Pacquiao, what would you do with Manny and Krista?

    Let us add this question, if you're Krista, how would you react to these allegations?

Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis for Shop and Share

Manny Pacquiao - Certified Chic Magnet

    The other girls of Manny Pacquiao - NOT. Probably just some fan photos who requested Manny Pacquiao for a photo-ops. Manny Pacquiao is such a Chic Magnet. Tell me, who wouldn't want to be in Manny Pacquiao's shoes. Of course except with the punches and bruises on his face.

    More girls of Manny Pacquiao inside. See Manny Pacquiao with Marian Rivera, Alodia Gosenfiao and is that Angelina Jolie??? Wooow... Har har har

Krista Ranillo Breaks Her Silence - "No Dear, I'm Not Pregnant"

    Krista Ranillo finally speaks up about the alleged Manny Pacquiao Krista Ranillo Scandal saying that these are just rumors and not true. When asked if she's pregnant, she simply says, "No Dear, I'm not Pregnant". She even confirmed that she's still with Dominic Zapata.

The Dream Cristine Reyes - Behind the Scenes of FHM 100 2009

Another Mysterious Girl of Manny Pacquiao

Photos of Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo in Baguio

Manny Pacquiao - New Moon

    Hottest controversy cum hottest movie. After the big fight Manny Pacquiao had been to last week, then comes the hottest controversy with Krista Ranillo, fans have somehow can't get enough of our Pinoy Champ. They even want him to replace Rob Pattinson in its upcoming movie New Moon. Very creative though, hehe. Though it could have been better if they replaced Mommy Dionisia with Krista Ranillo. That's a sure hit for sure.

    Another version of Manny Pacquiao New Moon with Mayweather and Juan Manuel Marquez inside ->

    Manny Pacquiao New Moon

Manny Pacquiao's Only Answer - "No Comment" on Krista Ranillo

    We've seen the interview with Manny Pacquiao where he was asked if the rumors that he was seen with Krista Ranillo from HongKong was true, his only answer was "No Comment". He could have easily answered "No, its not true." if its really not true. But one thing I must commend with the guy, he's answer is very consistent, "No Comment" that is - story here.

    On another noted, it is said that the camp of Krista Ranillo is planning when and how to answer the rumor on the alleged affair with Manny Pacquiao - story here. I dunno, I think it would be best if they just let the rumor die a natural death though it's true or not. I just don't know if, say I'm the boyfriend of Krista Ranillo, who is Dominic Zapata in real life, would react to this. (If you're asking who Dominic Zapata is, he's the director from GMA behind the fanta serye like Mulawin, Engkantadia etc.)

    We've actually made a Poll Survey if you believe if the Manny Pacquiao - Krista Ranillo Scandal is True or Not. Cast your vote on the right part of PCO below the Search function.

    3 more photos of Krista Ranillo inside ->

    Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo
    Krista Ranillo - Manny Pacquiao

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