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Latest News on Pinay Celebrities

    Latest News on Pinay CelebritiesPhilippines is a country of good story tellers. Even before the 16th century when the Spaniards colonized the thousand-island country, indigenous Filipinos were already very good story tellers. Historical records say that at night, the community gathered together around the fire and exchanged stories. If you haven't visited the country for years, you might be missing this tradition of exchanging stories. Lately, thought the stories that Filipinos share are what we call now Pinay scandals.

    Latest News on Pinay CelebritiesWhere can you get the latest news from the Philippines?

    First, check out the online sites of Philippine newspapers and television networks. For the newspapers, there's the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin. All of them update their websites every time there is a breaking celebrity news. You can also check out the web sites of television networks. These networks have a news department that also publish the latest news online. Visit the news pages of ABS-CBN and GMA.

    Latest News on Pinay CelebritiesIf you look at the blogs, you can also have the latest scoop on Philippine news including the latest celebrity scandals. Sometimes the blog sites publish stories about Philippine celebrities faster than the newspaper sites and TV sites. Friends of actors or TV personalities blog about them. Even fans blog about their movie idols so you can get inside scoop on the latest news about the most famous stars in Philippine entertainment industry.

    Many of them have their own Multiply account. They update their account themselves and write about the latest things that are happening to them. You can just type the name of the star that you want to know more about in the search engine of Multiply or other social networking sites like Friendster. Chances are, you'll find their personal accounts in those sites. You can even leave comments or messages if there are things that you want to ask these Pinay celebrities.

Celebrity Gossip - The Online Thrust

    Celebrity Gossip - The Online Thrust
    Celebrity Gossip - The Online Thrust
    Internet changing the face of celebrity gossip readers and not far from this effect. The rise of online celeb gossip sites have provided a huge boost to the entertainment news industry. Readers and lovers of paparazzi spoon now happy that they can read news items like every time they want. They no longer depend on the tabloid weekly or every two weeks to give them the latest updates on the glamorous world. They can log on to the internet and checking the latest gossip at any time.

    The best part about reading the online celebrity gossip is a factor of real time updates. Celeb gossip sites online is always looking for news items that would attract readers. They have reporters at all the centers of major updates. They are also keen to monitor other entertainment news site for the spoon and take the lead. Once they establish one, they immediately follow it up and you can find their version of events in a short time. Paparazzi spoon to spread rapidly on the internet. No sooner has one site was taken compared with other locations followed by a shower update.

    Online celebrity gossip site all about choice. If the particular interests of celeb gossip site, you can pursue that story as an investigative reporter throughout the site. Visibility entertainment news site for everyone is the reason why their credibility value. Website dealing with the paparazzi do not give any news spoon absurd because they know that other similar sites are monitoring them and they will soon show ignorance. Sometimes you find a site making fun of weird gossip items and other inaccuracies that have been published. It hits the poor reputation of the site and every site to make a dedicated effort to ensure that they do not fall into this trap.

Cristine Reyes Behind the Scenes Maxim Shoot from Maxim Days

Good Times with Mo Podcast Bikini Girl

    I've been listening for 2 consecutive nights now on Good Times with Mo Podcast and so far so good. I think this show is banking on the loophole that what's on the internet is not covered by MTRCB. Very very clever.

    The first night, the guest is Hayden Kho and currently on board is Ms. Ruffa Gutierez.

    Here's a bonus, if you call on skype on Good Times with Mo Podcast, you'll be answered by this bikini girl. Sexy.

    Good Times with Mo Podcast

Maja Salvador on 'Jelly Bean'

    Maja Salvador photos on Jelly Bean. I wasn't able to recognize Maja Salvador in the 1st photo, I thought she's more like Rachelle Ann Go, don't you think?

    Check the rest of Maja Salvador photos on 'Jelly Bean' inside ->

Angel Locsin on Suzuki Motors

    I'm beginning to love this motorcycle endorsement competition. Angel Locsin on Suzuki motors vs. Marian Rivera on Honda vs. Katrina Halili on Kawasaki. Wait for our post on Katrina Halili, truly sexy.

    More Angel Locsin photos on Suzuki motors inside ->

Jennylyn Mercado on Laura Mercier Cosmetics Product Photoshoot

    Jennylyn Mercado on Laura Mercier cosmetics product photoshoot. Jennylyn Mercado is the latest endorser of Laura Mercier.

    More Jennylyn Mercado photos inside and below ->

Heat Evangelista in GMA Kapuso's 'Dwarfina'

    Heart Evangelista stars in the latest GMA Kapuso primetime offering - 'Dwarfina' with Dennis Trillo as her leading man. First week looks ok, I just hope that it continues till the end.

    More Heart Evangelista photos in Dwarfina inside ->

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