Scanned Photos of FHM May 2010 with Angel Locsin on the Cover

    So what do you know! These Angel Locsin FHM May 2010 photos were indeed the same set as that of Angel Locsin's Folded and Hng photos. We're a little bit disappointed FHM. For all we know, you've made Angel Locsin posed for FHM again, but in reality, she did it for someone else.

    We demand a re-shoot! Photos cared of Balot_vendor.

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Angel Locsin on Folded and Hüng Photos - Spot the Difference on FHM May 2010 Issue

    The first time I saw Angel Locsin on the cover of FHM May 2010, I thought I already saw that photo. And in fact, I did. It's actually part of Angel Locsin's Folded and Hüng photos. Uhmmm, did FHM just lift these photos?

    Let's find out as we post the scanned pages of FHM May 2010 with Angel Locsin on the cover.

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Angel Locsin Makes a Comeback on FHM May 2010

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Iwa Moto in Bikini - Is She Married to Mickey Ablan?

    Here are Iwa Moto sexy photos from her recent Boracay trip last lenten season. But how true are the rumors that Iwa Moto is already married to Mickey Ablan. This was squealed by a friend who happens to know more about Iwa than us. And from where these sexy Iwa Moto pictures where taken (from FB account of Nelson Canlas), there was a comment from certain Iwa Ablan, commenting that her eyes are so small in the pictures. Is she the same person as Iwa Moto but is now using Iwa Ablan. Uhmm!

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